"In a world where we hardly find time to rest, I try to offer what many people long for:
visual places where time seems to slow down. 




Doris Duschelbauer is a German artist who lives on the Spanish Island Majorca. After her studies she was travelling for a long period and in total for two years through North and South America what gave her a better understanding of the diversity of culture and environment. In this special time of her life she also worked with different artists in their studios till she found her own style of painting. Places that had the greatest impact on her and shaped her character and life were Mexico, New York and especially Montreal in Canada, where she lived for more than 3 years.

Once back to Europe she first stayed for 5 years in Hamburg working in a wellknown advertising agency, but finally she found the right place to settle down on this Mediterranean Island Majorca, where the sea, the light and the warm climate animates her to create these bright and light-flooded paintings. Her style is somewhere between abstract and figurative, depending on how far the imagination of the viewer is willing to find his own meaning within the artwork by looking inward the layers of paint that are put, scratched away and are covered again. A process of showing and hiding parts of the paintings history.

"Usually I paint with spatulas and sponges. I love to lift lower layers of paint by sanding and scratching the surface to finally discover a figure -mostlysome female shapes or just a landscape. This is the moment when the painting gets alive and it tells me a story."

Doris Duschelbauer has participated in international art fairs and exhibitions. Her work is in private collections in many countries such as the USA, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, England, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and even Uzbekistan.















12noviembre 2015

 Doris Duschelbauer, «momentos del pasado».

 Artista nómada, Doris Duschelbauer ha hecho del viaje un motivo plástico introspectivo. Sería difícil adivinar el lugar que inspiró cada uno de sus cuadros si no fuera por los títulos; nombres que nos permiten aferrarnos a algo entre la densa neblina que conforma esos parajes. Más que lugares son probablemente impresiones difusas que quedaron en la retina y en el recuerdo; sensaciones cálidas o húmedas, luminosas o umbrías… transmitidas a través del color, la luz y la textura. A menudo alguna referencia figurativa emerge entre los estratos cromáticos y altamente texturados: siluetas humanas, un torso, una escalera, una barca, un bicicleta… Su paleta viró de los tonos ocres y plomizos hacia los azules, cerúleos y turquesas, coincidiendo con su larga permanencia en la isla de Mallorca, su último puerto por el momento.Su técnica es indisociable de su proceder mnemónico, pues trabaja capa por capa mezclando pigmentos y dejándolas secar, y como si fueran los anillos de crecimiento arbóreo de la memoria después lija de modo intuitivo ciertas zonas que le desvelan imágenes del pasado, entrevistas como flashes, trazas. Superficies texturadas trabajadas en profundidad, haciendo asomar visos momentáneos entre un magma difuso y hermoso de impresiones.

Anna Adell